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The Weaver - Traditional

As I roved out one moonlight night
Stars were shining and all things bright
Met a pretty maid by the light of the moon
And under her apron she carried a loom

Right whack fall a do a di-do-day,
Right whack fall a do a di-do-day,
Too-ra loo-ra loo-ra lay
Right whack fall a do-a di-do-day.

She said young man what trade do you bear
I said I'm a weaver I do declare
I am a weaver, brisk and free
Would you weave upon my loom kind sir ? said she

There was Nancy Right and Nancy Rill
For them I wove the Diamond Twill
Nancy Blue and Nancy Brown
For them I wove the Rose and the Crown

So I laid this girl down on the grass,
I braced her loom both tight and fast,
And for to finish it with a joke
Well I left her sleeping underneath an oak*

*Lyric substitution