Help make my next recording, "Morning Light"

If you haven't heard, it seems that the crowdfunding site PledgeMusic which I used to fund my upcoming album "Morning Light" may have mismanaged artist monies. They are months behind on payouts to artists and have taken down the ability to pledge on future projects. 

Without the final payment of the fully funded campaign I have currently, mixing and mastering this record is going to be a challenge, but I am determined to continue on. Many of you have expressed the desire to help financially if you can, and have already. Thank you! 

I've now set up a little store for now on my own site where you can pre-order a copy fo the new album or a new T-Shirt that will be manufactured in September. Or you can simply make a financial donation towards the project if you choose. 

Thank you a million times over for sticking with me, this is an extremely tough business, and I could only stand to be in it with you guys. xo, d

"Morning Light" Pre-Order - Coming October 2019

Morning Light: CD Pre-Order
  • Morning Light: CD Pre-Order

Morning Light: CD Pre-Order

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Dayna's beautiful Chamber/Folk album "Morning Light". Pre-order release date: October 2019

Track listing: Peter Amberley Charlie Lake When I love you You You You The Same Way No One Else Free Man in Paris O Snow King of the Background Newfoundman Reflection The Bonnie Banks of Vergio The Weaver

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Recording Donation
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If you would simply like to help make this record, and would like to make a financial donation, I would be so very grateful. It takes a village to make an album these days.

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