PledgeMusic - Statement to Pledgers 

Happy Valentines Day! 

I'm very busy recording, with full chamber orchestra recording sessions scheduled for Feb 24th, March 12th, and 13th with John “Beetle” Bailey engineering. I'm on track to complete a digital release for you guys, my supporters and pledgers on May 30th, followed by a physical CD release for October 2019. 

If you haven't heard, it seems that PledgeMusic may have mismanaged artist monies. They are months behind on payouts to artists, and have taken down the ability to pledge on future projects and to send you, my pledgers, an update through their site. Without the final payment of the funds you pledged, mixing and mastering this record is going to be a challenge, but I am determined to continue on and am working on a new plan. 

I will stay in contact by personal email and keep you up to date on any action you should take with PledgeMusic. They are working hard to remedy the situation, but frankly, I'm worried. 

I’m truly sorry to deliver this news to you, but rest assured that your music or pledged item will come, one way or another.

Thank you for your patience and support. 

With all my love and respect, 


Song Studio 

Song Studio is Canada's premier songwriter's workshop, held annually at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. This year Dayna is thrilled to join the faculty alongside peers Blair Packham, Andrea Ramolo, Tomi Swick and Ron Sexsmith. Sign up here:

The West End Phoenix 

Dayna is thrilled to be joining Dave Bidini and pals to celebrate The Humber River edition of The West End Phoenix. Stay tuned for details on this event July 7th in Toronto, where Dayna will debut a new song about this iconic river. 

Morning Light is Funded 

Thrilled to announce that Morning Light is funded! A huge thank you to my steadfast supporters for inspiring me through this journey and making this album possible. 



In a rare mashup, Dayna Manning performs with INNERchamber Orchestra - songs from the time of Confederation


Decemeber 2, 2017 Tilsonburg, ON
December 3, 2017 Stratford, ON


Dayna Manning on Nashville's Rock & Review 

Dayna Manning at Fox New Nashville Rock and ReviewDayna filmed a segment at Fox 17 Nashville with Eric Dahl for his show Rock & Review yesterday. They talked about Trent Severn's new album Portage, Michael McConville Guitars, Tonewood-Amp, and yes, her solo record! Stay tuned for imminent info on that, and a show airdate. Big thanks to Eric and  FOX 17 Nashville for talking all things Dayna.

Dayna at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN 

As a songwriter, this one has been on the bucket list for a long time. I prefer small songwriting rooms to any theatre or stadium I've played, and The Bluebird Cafe was the ultimate. What an intimate rush. Eternal gratitude to the Tonewood Amp family, and my fellow artists, Justin Johnson, Shaun Hopper, Mike Dawes et all.